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Marissa Rivero Opens Up About the Challenges of Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a beautiful thing but it comes with its own inherent challenges and worries. Although I feel blessed to be having my first baby, this journey has not been with the challenge of feeling out of control in terms of how my body is changing. 

Weight gain is a big concern for all women but it is especially difficult for someone who has built their career in the fitness industry. I often ask myself, will my body return to the same level of fitness? Can I lose the weight quickly? These are some of the anxious thoughts that plague me daily besides the obvious concerns about weight gain. 

I have also struggled on some days with my emotions. Hormonal changes can make you weepy and sensitive. Little annoyances that I would normally take it in stride can make me emotional. 

I am increasingly aware of the lack of control I have in terms of what is happening to my body. Heartburn, bloating, weight gain, and fatigue are all the things that I have endured.  

Having said this, I do also want to say that pregnancy has many beautiful and joyous moments. The feeling of having your baby kick you is a feeling they can never again be replicated. It is an amazing feeling to feel your child moving inside of you and having never experienced anything like it before, I was unprepared for the feeling that it induced in me. 

The health of my baby is my biggest concern of course and I have felt it necessary to read as much as I could to educate myself in terms of paying attrition to ensure that my baby has the nutrients it needs to develop and grow at every stage of my pregnancy. Prenatal vitamins and protein powder have been the staples of my plan and I am comforted by the thought that my child is receiving what he needs. 

Protea Nutrition VePRO is GMO free, vegan friendly, cruelty friendly and contains no preservatives. Furthermore it is gluten-free and contains no artificial coloring. My research on pregnancy and nutrition taught me that the average pregnant woman needs from 70-100 grams of protein depending on the woman’s body weight. Protein is vital to the normal development of your baby and it affects your child’s birth weight and brain development. 

Marissa Rivero during pregnancy.
Marissa Rivero

Many pregnant woman can suffer from food aversions especially to meat. That’s where protein powder comes into play ! It’s been much easier for me to drink my daily protein shakes and make sure I’m hitting the proper amount of protein per day for a happy and healthy pregnancy with VePRO

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