Stress Defy Timing

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One of the most popular questions we get is how to time taking Stress Defy during the day. Before we get into timing though, we first have to understand why the timing is so important.

Almost all the cells in your body contain cortisol receptors, meaning the impact of heightened stress will be perceived everywhere. When someone has too much cortisol, the effects can indulge weight gain, high blood pressure, muscle weakness, and mood swings that can progress into anxiety and depression.

One study of over 2,500 British adults had their cortisol considerations in their hair studied. It was found that over a four year period, those with the higher range of cortisol were most likely to be obese and to stay obese compared to those with lower cortisol levels.

Cortisol levels in the blood vary through the day. Generally higher in the morning when waking up, then fall through the day with a slight increase in the early afternoon before falling as the time for sleep approaches.

But for those who work nights, their body adapts to this change by shifting cortisol spikes to their adapted wake and sleep schedules.

After prolonged sleep, within the first 20-30 minutes of waking there is a 50% increase in cortisol. But many people who struggle with adrenal health issues do not achieve high enough levels of cortisol at the appropriate times. This is common for many people who have lived with chronic stress for so long that they no longer maintain proper levels of stress through the day. This can be accompanied by late-evening spikes of cortisol which causes insomnia.

For those who want to properly test their cortisol levels, this is why a saliva or iron panel that collects over multiple points in the day is superior to a single blood draw. Even better would be to collect saliva panels over multiple days.

To support our body in managing cortisol properly, we should focus on: improving sleep routine and quality, healthy diet, proper exercise, and supplementation.

Stress defy also uses L-theanine, particularly because of the benefit it has on the brain for inhibition of excessive cortisol negatively impacting brain activity, memory formation, and spatial learning. When taken with caffeine, L-theanine can enhance cognitive skills.

Stress Defy also contains Rhodiola which is best taken on an empty stomach but not before bed because it does have a slight stimulatory effect. This can also be noted if taking Stress Defy about an hour prior to training because Rhodiola has been shown to have a performance-enhancing effect, particularly with endurance.

While adaptogens like Ashwagandha and Holy Basil do take time to build up in the body before their full support of adrenal health and fatigue management can be felt, Stress Defy can be taken sporadically, as needed for your higher stress times.

Following the dosing instructions for stress defy ensures best absorption of the adaptogens, but it doesn’t decrease efficacy to take with a meal. What should be avoided is having your second serving too late in the day as the body may become more alert or energized, interrupting sleep.

For those who work a rotating schedule between days and nights through the week, you are best served to adapt your use of Stress Defy to your rotating wake/sleep schedule. It doesn’t have to be taken at the same time every day. And some people find that they feel best doing some trial and error to find their ideal supplementation timing.

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