The Importance of BCAAs during your monthly cycle

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Branch chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine & valine) are important for building lean muscle. There are many benefits to supplementing with a quality BCAA supplement like our Vegan Amino+ including but not limited to:

– Can make your water taste good, usually when your water tastes good you are more inclined to drink more. Proper hydration is key especially during your period.
– Can be ritualistic and can keep you in a solid routine, whatever keeps you in routine and on track is key!
– Can aid in muscle growth when you are not taking in enough protein (most people do not consume enough protein).
– Have also been shown to increase cellular hydration better than water alone post exercise.
BCAAs are very important for females in regards to their monthly cycle. About a couple weeks before the menstrual cycle, progesterone and estrogen become elevated.

During that high hormone phase, the rise in estrogen and progesterone can potentially impact muscle growth in a negative manner; especially if their levels are outside a healthy range. Actually, progesterone indirectly contributes to a breakdown of muscle tissue. This is where BCAAs and appropriate protein consumption are essential to ensure recovery and building lean muscle.

Additionally, leucine crosses the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) quickly. This is helpful because during the high hormone phase there is a significant impact on the central nervous system (fatigue, mood swings, and low energy are common symptoms). This all happens due to the increase in hormones and the impact they have on the nervous system. Since leucine crosses the BBB it can actually reduce that CNS fatigue.

Hormones can be very complicated and can have a huge impact on performance and building lean muscle. Supplementing with a quality BCAA supplement like our Vegan Aminos+ can help mitigate these negative effects and preserve the hard work you put in, in the kitchen and in the gym.

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