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Community Impact on Stress

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When I was pregnant, in California, not one person I knew had kids or was pregnant. I relied on my long distance friends to go through pregnancy with, virtually. Thank goodness for unlimited minutes, texts and social media! 

When it was my turn to go into labor, a friend whom I still have not met in person, was the one to push me to track my contractions and eventually told me to go to the hospital. She had given birth 3 weeks before me and I will forever be grateful for her! She brought comfort and guidance into what could have been a very stressful time.

We moved to Nevada when Jackson was 5 months old and around that time was when I heard about an app called Peanut, which apparently is like Tinder for moms, ha! I found 2 moms on there who I am happy to call my friends. I also had met a few neighbors who were pregnant or just had kids. Some of us are stay-at-home and others are working moms. No matter our situation, we are all moms and we need one another to lean on every now and then.

As a mom your job is now to keep yourself, your household and a new life all alive, well and thriving. I do not need to say it, but nothing about motherhood is easy. All the books and videos could not prepare you for what you were to truly expect. Having mom friends who you can bounce ideas off of and take recommendations from are your golden tickets.

Mental health, especially during this pandemic, has been a rough one. Parks, splash pads and play places were all closed, and I had a toddler who needed interaction with other kids. So, let’s add that into the mix of having anxiety. I know I have said so much already, but it is incredibly difficult to put into words how much appreciation I have for every parent out there. My mom friends have saved me from multiple breakdowns. I have to say that Stress Defy helps so much too with managing my stress and anxiety. I am a very social person and to not be able to go out and meet new people or even see my current friends was almost non existent for obvious circumstances.

I am so happy to have a mom tribe and Jackson has friends that he can cherish for years to come. Friends always make challenging times more enjoyable but as mom’s it’s also important to prioritize self care. That’s why I am grateful for stress defy! This supplements has helped me so much with my stress and anxiety.

Article written by Protea Nutrition Athlete Laia Williams

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