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How does vitality+ compare to your pre-workout?

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One of Protea Nutrition’s newest products is their pre-workout, Vitality+. With so many pre-workouts on the market, what sets this one apart? Aren’t all pre-workouts just expensive caffeine pills?

“Vitality+ only has 100mg of caffeine! My other pre-workout has 300mg! Does this even “work”?”

Let’s find out!

Vitality+ is comprised of an electrolyte blend, endurance blend, focus blend, and energy blend. All of these blends work together to deliver clean, sustained energy during your workout with no jitters and no crash.

The electrolyte blend is comprised of sodium, potassium and magnesium. All of which work to balance fluid in the body necessary for muscle recovery.

Vitality’s endurance blend can help maximize your workouts with ingredients like Peak O2, L-Citrulline, and Beet Root powder. 

Peak O2 is a blend of 6 strains of mushrooms that enhance performance including: Cordyceps, Reishi, King Trumpet, Shitake, Lion’s Mane, and Turkey Tail. These mushrooms are adaptogenic, meaning they help the body respond and adapt to stress. When it comes to weight and resistance training, stress management and recovery are crucial for body recomposition. L-citrulline and beetroot are both instrumental in proper blood flow circulation, reducing soreness and delivering that “pump” during training!

The focus blend includes green tea extract and Rhodiola. Both of which help increase mental focus and mitigating free radicals in the body. Green tea also makes up 50mg of the 100mg of caffeine in 1 scoop or Vitality. The other remaining 50mg of the 100mg of caffeine comes from coffee beans. So, how does the 100mg of caffeine from green tea and coffee beans stack up against other pre-workouts on the market boasting 200+ mg of caffeine per serving?

Here’s how . . .

The energy blend in Vitality+ includes guarana, coffee bean and l-tyrosine. All three of these supplements work to enhance nervous system function to increase motivation and increase mind to muscle connection, resulting in safe and sustained energy during workouts and weight training.

Guarana comes from the seeds of a South American tree. Its seeds are about the size of coffee beans, but it contains about twice as much caffeine. Guarana has been marketed as a weight loss supplement, workout enhancer and even an aphrodisiac. 

L-Tyrosine is an amino acid which has been shown to increase noradrenaline and dopamine. This helps to prolong the anti-stress effect against psychological stress and physical stress such as sleep deprivation, both of which can hinder the recovery process and deplete energy needed during workouts.  It has also been used in the production of thyroid hormones, making it popular for both weight loss and pre-workout supplements.

Vitality’s nutrition label lists 50mg of “natural caffeine anhydrous” coming from coffee beans. Coffee beans are among one of the most natural forms of caffeine. In contrast, synthetic caffeine is produced from urea and chloroacetic acid rather than extracted from plant products like natural caffeine. Synthetic caffeine is also absorbed at a much quicker rate than natural caffeine. That leads to a nearly instant energy boost, followed by a dramatic crash!

After breaking down the ingredient list in Protea Nutrition’s Vitality+ pre-workout, it appears to be composed of very clean and natural sources of energy providing endurance necessary to maximize training. 

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