The importance of regularity for detoxing the body

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The human body has multiple detox channels that allows the removal of toxins and waste. These include:

– the lymphatic system

– lungs

– liver

– blood

– kidneys

– bowels

All of these work together to keep the body functioning at its best! Bowel regularity being of utmost importance.

Today, it’s near impossible to avoid toxins. It can happen when we eat processed foods and when we come in contact with pesticides, pollution or chemicals. Fortunately, we can use our body’s natural detoxification channels to aid in eliminating toxins by consuming filtered water as well as clean nutritious foods. You can also give your body a helping hand by using clean supplements such as our GI Assist. 

GI Assist was specifically formulated to help with our body’s bowel movement detox process. It helps improve overall gut and GI health and is also an important supplement formulated to help improve bowel movement regularity.

Regularity is one of the most crucial detox channels for the human body. A healthy colon breaks down the many nutrients you consume in a day. The colon also excretes toxic waste through feces. Lack of regularity means that harmful toxins are sitting in the intestines increasing the likeliness of absorption possibly leading to health issues. 

Aloe, glutamine, probiotics, digestive enzymes, acacia fiber and licorice in our GI Assist all work to help improve digestion, gut health, GI health and promote regularity. 

Having regular bowel movements means the body is ridding itself of these toxins leading to a much healthier system. Pairing GI Assist with a diet rich in whole food fiber sources and plenty of filtered water can greatly improve your gut and GI health. 

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