Why you need a BCAA supplement

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Amino acids, also known as BCAAs, have always been known as a crucial supplement that every individual can add into their daily regimen. Not only can your muscular and skeletal system benefit from this supplement, but your entire body can benefit as a whole! Aminos can help keep your body in tune and balanced. Whether it’s healing, building muscles, regulating mood, providing energy or even helping with digestion, a BCAA supplement can help.

BCAAs consist of essential and nonessential amino acids each serving their own vital roles. Naturally, the body creates nonessential amino acids without obtaining it through an outside source such as food or supplements. On the other hand, your body obtains all essential amino acids through outside sources.

What many people don’t realize about amino supplements is that many of them available today are not all vegan or plant based. Many of them are sourced from animals. Actually, for a long time there weren’t many plant based options available. Our vegan amino supplement is special in that it not only provides you with important amino acids but it also supports your immunity as well as promotes healthy hair, skin and nails.

Valine, isoleucine and leucine help promote recovery and decrease muscle breakdown. Proline and Glycine help the body with its natural production of collagen. Elderberry and chromium are the powerful immunity fighters; one as an immunostimulant and the other as a mineral that helps control blood sugar and inflammation.

When you know the simple breakdown of our Vegan Aminos you know why it’s a vital supplement for your daily regimen. Not only to help increase your gains in the gym but also to help promote healthy skin, hair, joint and immune system function.

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