How a healthy gut improves quality of life

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When it comes to health, gut health is extremely important, not only for overall well being, but for quality of life as well. 

Gut health encompasses a healthy balance of bacteria that lines our gastrointestinal tract. This healthy bacteria helps break down food so nutrients can be absorbed throughout the body. This bacteria, also known as gut flora, contains bacteria, viruses, and even yeast. 

Not only does our gut flora help break down food, but it also is responsible for helping maintain homeostasis within the body, hormone production, immunity, and even mental health.

As we all know, too much of anything can have a negative effect and the same goes for gut bacteria, which has been linked to different illnesses and disease. This is why maintaining a healthy gut is so important for living a longer healthier life. 

Some common symptoms of poor gut health are regular bloating, diarrhea, nausea, stomach pains, or even chronic constipation. Some of these symptoms could be from specific foods consumed, but sometimes there is a deeper issue, and that is where a supplement like Protea Nutrition GIAssist can come in handy.  

In order to maintain gut health or start making changes in improving your gut health, lifestyle changes along with supplementation are key. 

First and foremost, a healthy diet along with exercise is always step one when it comes to gut health. It is important to keep an eye on the micronutrients you are taking in, in order to consume enough fiber to aid in digestion, and minimize the amount of sugar to avoid candida overgrowth. Protea’s GIAssist includes acacia fiber to help aid in digestion and help get you closer to your daily fiber goal. 

GIAssist also contain lactobacillus rhamnosus, which helps break down sugar lactose. Lactobacillus has also been shown to help with diarrhea, relieve IBS symptoms, and help fight bad bacteria in your gut. 

Adequate sleep is another very important factor to consider when improving gut health. Magnesium is a great addition to aid with sleep and recovery and has been shown to also improve constipation. Magnesium is also included in GIAssist to aid in deeper, more restful sleep.

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