Finding Balance with Baseline+

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Balance is something many people strive for. One mistake people tend to make when finding balance in their lives is by attempting to emulate the same idea of balance that someone else is seeking. The truth of the matter is balance looks different for everyone. For me personally, my balance is constantly changing.

When I was single and competing in bodybuilding, balance was defined by my eating habits. The constant search for balancing my cravings with my macro and micronutrients in a way that I could maintain a specific weight and aesthetic goal. Currently, balance is defined by protecting, teaching and disciplining my 2-year-old all while finding time for myself and my marriage, while also maintaining the order of the household. WHEW! Now that I have typed out the two, a LOT has changed in the last 6 years. Talk about changing priorities. Haha.

On the other hand, i’d like to mention another type of balance, hormone & mood balance. Baseline+ has made insane changes in so many women’s lives when it comes to balancing hormones. So many have found hormonal balance by taking Baseline+! The ingredients work together to create such a state of calmness for me which I love! 

There are three main blends in Baseline+ such as a weight balance blend that works with controlling insulin levels. A hormone balance blend with Maca and DIM which work together to help decrease bloating and mood swings. Last but certainly not least, a mood and energy blend including folate and B-12 to improve energy levels and NAC to support positive mood levels.

No matter what your definition of “Balance”, Baseline+ is right for you if you are looking for improvements with your hormones, weight and mood! Protea has formulated many supplements to help you get to your goals and to help you achieve the balance you may be seeking!

Article written by Protea Nutrition athlete Laia Williams

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