Vitality+ for improving energy

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How many of you can relate to this story?

You wake up early in the morning, slowly get out of bed and get ready for work. You make yourself a cup of coffee, spend a long day in the office, leave work late, and then try to find the energy to power through your workout. So, you chug down some pre-workout quickly on your way back out the door. Sound familiar?

When we are busy with work, family, friends, and our fur babies it’s no wonder we are struggling to keep our eyes open when we finally make it to the gym. Pre-workouts are a common supplement utilized by millions of people to help them increase their energy and focus when working out. Taking a pre-workout has many benefits and with any kind of supplement, it’s important to do your research to make sure you are consuming something that is not only effective, but also that that does not have ingredients that are harmful to your body. 

Vitality+ contains a combination of natural caffeine, amino acids, electrolytes, and adaptogens. Electrolytes help to rehydrate your body while you are working hard and sweating throughout your workout. The amino acids play an active role in healing your muscles and preventing soreness post workout.

Another benefit to pre-workouts is the fact that they increase your alertness. Adaptogens are responsible for this and they also help the body to adapt and overcome physical stress, which improves your ability to train longer and harder.  Studies have shown that men who consume pre-workout 20 minutes prior to their activity had significantly improved agility choice reaction performance, decreased perceived fatigue, increased perceived energy, and increased anaerobic peak power. By improving your anaerobic peak power, you can perform at higher intensities. 

Vitality+ will give you the sustained energy, focus and endurance required to get through any workout or busy day! Plus you can feel good about taking it, knowing that it does not contain any artificial additives, dyes and GMOs.

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