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How vepro may help meet your nutritional needs

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VePRO can be utilized for superfood needs, protein needs as well as vitamin and mineral needs. Whatever the reason you may choose VePRO, you’re getting all 3 benefits jam packed in one high quality, organic product.*

Organic Superfood Blend

Superfoods are nutrient dense plant foods that are high in micronutrients and offer several health benefits. Only organic superfood ingredients are included in VePRO such as spirulina, wheat grass, chlorella, and beetroot. Nutrients from these foods are highly bioavailable and important for reducing inflammation as well as supporting overall health, especially the immune system. Research has also suggested that superfoods are a great option for increasing the production of serotonin, and supporting various bodily systems in operating efficiently.*

Protein Blend

20 grams of organic brown rice and pea protein support muscle repair and recovery. At only 110 calories per serving VePRO is great for meeting daily protein needs without adding empty calories with fillers or additives. Clean protein powder supplements are hard to come by and VePRO contains zero artificial ingredients or preservatives. The health conscious individual can rest assured they are choosing a product that fits their lifestyle.*

Vitamin & Mineral Blend

VePRO contains several vitamins and minerals to support any nutritional gaps in a plant-based diet. Most vegans and vegetarians are at risk for deficiencies in vitamin B-12, zinc, calcium, and iron. VePRO contains all 4 nutrients to support the health and nutritional needs of a plant based individual. The essential nutrient, selenium, is also included and at 64% of the daily selenium requirement. The body does not make selenium, it needs to be obtained through diet alone. The vitamin and mineral blend is also measured carefully to support maximum protein absorption.*

VePRO is highly versatile. 

You can create smoothies for meal replacements. In order for VePRO to be sufficient as a meal replacement, you want to include other whole food ingredients such as oats, kale/spinach, peanut or almond butter, fruit, seeds, and plant milk. The possibilities are endless when it comes to ingredients for a delicious smoothie. VePRO has a great mild flavor, and mixes well with all ingredients. You can choose between Vanilla and Chocolate.*

VePRO is also great on its own with water or plant milk. You can make a quick post workout shake and pair it with a rice cake and nut butter for on the go. It also travels well and is very convenient for busy days where there is no time for meal prep if you find yourself in a jam with work or school.*

Baked goods and oatmeal are also great ideas for incorporating more protein with the addition of VePRO in the recipe.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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