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How Quercetin in Revive+ May Improve Immune Health

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Quercetin is a member of the flavonoids family of plant pigments that are responsible for the colors of many fruits, flowers, and vegetables. Quercetin is an antioxidant that scavenges free radicals, which are unstable molecules in the body that can speed up aging and increase the risk of disease. Free radicals can also damage cell membranes, alter DNA, and even induce cell death. Quercetin extracts are widely utilized as nutritional supplements for many illnesses such as diabetes related with obesity, circulatory dysfunction, inflammation, as well as mood disorders. 

Quercetin also plays a large role in allergies, inflammation, and the body’s histamine response. (1) This includes any skin, food, environmental, or respiratory allergy. Quercetin reduces and modulates histamine generation and release, as well as other allergy and inflammatory chemicals, potentially via stabilizing mast cell membranes. Mast cells play an important role in the inflammatory response because they can be activated by a number of antigens, including allergens, infections, physiological mediators, and even autoimmune disorders which can produce a wide range of inflammatory reactions. The antioxidant property of quercetin also reduces the severity of cellular harm induced by free radicals during allergic responses. Revive+ has included 125 mg of quercetin along with bromelain and vitamin C for increased absorption. 

Bromelain is a collection of enzymes found in the pineapple plant’s fruit and stem. Bromelain not only assists the absorption of quercetin, but it also contributes as an anti-inflammatory, antithrombotic (prevention and dissolution of blood clots), anticancer, immunomodulator, as well as having a positive effect on wound healing, digestion, and circulation. Bromelain increases the effectiveness of your immune system’s T cells, macrophages, natural killer cells, and peripheral blood mononuclear cells all of which help fight off pathogens that cause infection. (2)

Vitamin C is an essential micronutrient that cannot be manufactured in the body. It must be consumed through food (primarily fruits and vegetables) and/or supplementation. Vitamin C protects the epithelial barrier against infections and enhances the skin’s oxidant scavenging capacity, potentially defending against oxidative stress from the environment. By increasing several immune cell functions, vitamin C is suggested to prevent respiratory and systemic infections. Vitamin C insufficiency lowers immunity and makes you more susceptible to illness and disease and is the fourth leading nutrient deficiency in the United States. (3)

Revive+ contains a carefully selected blend of plant nutrients that protect and improve the body’s ability to fight off disease, in addition to regulating the inflammatory response due to allergens. When incorporating Revive+ to your daily regimen, you can gain peace of mind that you are protected between your diet and supplementation with quality ingredients for overall immune health. 

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