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The importance of glutamine for gut & digestive health

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Over half of the body’s skeletal muscle amino acid pool is made up of L-glutamine, which is the most prevalent free amino acid in the human body.

For the immune system and intestines to function properly and maintain defenses against microorganisms, L-glutamine is a crucial fuel source. It safeguards the health of the GI tract by feeding these cells.

Stress, trauma, illness, and excess exercise can lower glutamine levels which leaves the body at risk for a lowered immune system. L-glutamine is utilized in the intestinal lining for optimal absorption and digestion. Maintaining adequate L-glutamine levels in the gut can also help protect against unwanted bacteria entering the bowels and may improve deficient glutamine levels in the gut.

For people with leaky gut, malabsorption, or inflammatory bowel illness (IBS, Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis), supplementing with L-glutamine is the most efficient way to mend the gut lining. It constricts the open connections that develop in a patient with these illnesses and causes them to produce more mucus, which is necessary for healthy digestion. 

Research suggests that L-glutamine supports the functionality of the gut lining and limits permeability of toxins and pathogens in occurrences of gastrointestinal mucosal damage. Because it is the preferred fuel for enterocytes and colonocytes, L-glutamine is regarded as the most crucial nutrient for treating leaky gut syndrome. (1) GI Assist contains 3500mg of L-glutamine for protecting the gut lining.

A naturally occurring enzyme called cellulase breaks down cellulose (the main element in plant cell walls and vegetable fibers).

Cellulase helps remove unwanted organisms, free radicals, and toxic substances from cell membranes. The majority of raw foods have the enzymes that your body needs to digest them. For instance, cellulase is present in broccoli, which helps break down the cellulose cell walls that make up plant fiber. GI Assist contains 3200 mg of cellulase, to help with the breakdown of plant fiber as well as the release of antioxidants. 

Juice from the aloe vera plant contains a number of substances with laxative properties. Aloe vera juice may help improve constipation by promoting bowel movements. Aloe can also help calm inflammation and support healthy digestion by providing natural enzymes. A 2018 meta-analysis revealed that patients receiving aloe vera treatment significantly improved their IBS symptom score compared to those receiving a placebo. (2) GI Assist includes 50mg of aloe vera powder to help promote regularity. 

It is best to continue practicing healthy digestion habits along with supplementing with GI Assist for optimal gut health. Drinking plenty of water, eating adequate fiber, and avoiding artificial sweeteners are components to a happy, healthy gut. 

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