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How alcohol can negatively impact immune health

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Alcohol consumption has been on the rise since the pandemic began and according to this study, alcohol consumption increased by around 17% (1). It also explained how alcohol not only exacerbated the negative effects of isolation, but also showed an increase in domestic violence. Alcohol can have many negative effects on people’s lives specifically on the immune system as well as sleep, which is closely related to immune health.*

One of the many ways that alcohol can affect the immune system is its effect on sleep. According to this study (2) alcohol has a great impact on sleep. While it might be sedating at first, that quickly changes within a matter of hours, turning into both disturbed and fragmented sleep. Chronic drinking can further exacerbate these issues, leading to ongoing sleep and circadian rhythm disruption. If you want a good night’s sleep, it is best to stay away from alcohol as much as you can. Not only is alcohol going to lead to poor sleep, but on top of that, it can lead to lower immunity. There was even a study done that showed that people who got less than 7 hours of sleep were nearly 3 times more likely to develop a cold compared to others who had been getting more than 8 hours of sleep (3)*

Research shows that excessive alcohol consumption can have adverse immune-related effects on your health (4). What counts as excessive you might ask? According to the CDC, binge drinking for women would include having more than 4 drinks consumed on one occasion. For men, drinking 5 or more drinks would be considered binge drinking. Binge drinking is very common and can lead to serious health problems not only due to lower immunity, but it can also lead to sepsis, make you more susceptible to pneumonia, liver disease, and even certain cancers.*

Most people aren’t willing to give up alcohol, in this case .. what can you do to improve your immune system? Supplements can help, especially something like our immune support supplement Revive+. Revive+ includes natural ingredients that support a balanced and healthy immune system to help fight pathogens and decrease the inflammatory response in healthy tissue. You don’t want to wait until your immune system is down to start treating your body right. By staying on top of your health and providing your body with essential vitamins like vitamin D3, C, and zinc you can set a strong foundation for your health. Revive+ also contains immune boosting plants like echinacea and stinging nettle, as well as adaptogenic mushrooms like turkey tail and lion’s mane to keep your immune system strong on cellular level.*

Whether you drink alcohol or not, protecting your immune system is extremely important and supplementing with Revive+ is a great way to do just that!*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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