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How Vitality+ helps replenish electrolytes

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Most people think of a pre-workout as a supplement that will provide ample amount of energy to perform their best during workouts. Some of the population may realize the importance of electrolyte replacement and would assume that a different supplement would be needed for that added benefit. This is why Vitality+ stands out amongst the rest of the supplements on the market; you get electrolyte replenishment along with the boost in energy.

Let’s first talk about what electrolytes are and why they are so important for our bodies.

Electrolytes are substances, when dissolved in water, that have either a natural positive or negative electrical charge. They help to regulate chemical reactions, maintain fluid balance inside and outside of the cells, and much more in our bodies.  Electrolytes aid in helping our bodies perform and function while helping our bodies feel their best. These are very important functions that not only help our performance for exercising, but help us perform in our everyday lives. They support muscle contraction, fluid balance, and conducting nerve impulses.

Calcium and magnesium specifically promote the muscle contraction process. That process also helps the heart muscle contract and gives it the power to beat. Fluid balance serves as several body functions and sodium specifically is what helps maintain this fluid balance in the body. Some functions include: digesting food, regulating body temperature, and aid in the respiratory process when breathing. When becoming dehydrated the body’s electrolytes trigger the kidneys to excrete less water, so the water stays in the blood. Our entire body requires proper fluid balance to function optimally. Our brain, which is the control center, sends messages to different parts of the body, which help to conduct nerve impulses. Magnesium is responsible for the vital different chemical reactions within the body.

During exercise, electrolytes are lost due to sweating. Meaning the more someone sweats, the more electrolytes are lost and need to be replenished. If electrolytes are not being replenished, it’s not uncommon to experience symptoms of muscle cramping, headaches, dizziness or confusion, no appetite, irregular heartbeat, or muscle weakness. Everyone varies on the amount they sweat, so of course that varies on the number of electrolytes being lost and that are needing to be replenished. No matter how much you sweat though, your body will always need electrolytes to help the body function optimally. 

Our pre-workout Vitality+ stands out above the competitors on the market because it not only helps with increasing energy during your workouts, but also helps replenish the electrolytes being lost during workouts as well! Vitality+ contains three of the most important electrolytes that the body needs to function at its best: sodium, potassium, and magnesium. Vitality+ has several other benefits, including an energy blend that delivers energy that is natural and doesn’t leave you feeling jittery or anxious. A focus blend that will help to enhance neurotransmitters to increase mental focus. As well as an endurance blend that will deliver ATP, increasing circulation while exercising for greater muscular endurance during workouts.  

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