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Nourish+: Is powdered form superior to pill form?

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Many women have issues with taking vitamins in pill form. Typically, the reason for this is that they have a hard time swallowing pills triggering their gag reflex to activate, make them feel nauseated, and sometimes even leads to them throwing up. Now, imagine adding pregnancy on top of this where a pregnant woman is already feeling nausea caused from the shifts in hormones. The thought of having to swallow a pill during this time can seem daunting!  However, getting the proper vitamins and minerals during pregnancy is crucial for both mommy and baby. 

This is why we chose to formulate a whole foods prenatal that is in powder form, Nourish+. Having the option to get these vitamins into your body using a powder form instead of a pill form is much more appealing when you are dealing with nausea and having a hard time swallowing pills in general. It’s so easy to incorporate powders into everyday food and drinks making it more versatile. You can mix them with any drink of your choice whether it’s juice, water, or a smoothie.*

Something else to consider is that capsules or pills may not give instant results because they need to work their way through your system before they are readily absorbed. In a powdered form, there is no barrier besides your mouth, so your body absorbs the nutrients right away, which can lead to quicker benefits. If you are someone who does not look forward to taking a pill every day, chances are you will forget to; but, if you enjoy a delicious smoothie, juice, or even a meal like oatmeal, it’s much easier to toss that powder into those things because you are actually looking forward to that meal or snack to begin with.

If you suffer from nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, there’s a significant chance that you are losing more nutrients and vitamins as a result. Replenishing these vitamins and minerals for yourself and your little one is extremely important. Doing so by having the option of not having to choke down another pill during these times is vital. Plus, absorption being much quicker than a pill, will make that option even more important. 

Our prenatal Nourish+ is a whole food based prenatal multivitamin in powder form that is formulated with a premium blend of vitamins, minerals, herbs and fruits to allow for superior absorption. It will ensure that you are getting the right nutrients and the right amount of them to help boost the body’s natural immune system. It contains methylated folate to help support healthy fetal development as well! For more information on why folate is so crucial for fetal development and why it’s superior to folic acid, refer to this blog.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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