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Properly mixing GI assist – Kristen explains

As someone who struggles with proper gut function and regularity, I have to say that since taking Protea’s GI Assist regularly, I have noticed a huge improvement in my body’s ability to break down and eliminate the foods I consume.  As the label suggests, I have been taking one serving every evening before bedtime. But

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The importance of regularity for detoxing the body

The human body has multiple detox channels that allows the removal of toxins and waste. These include: – the lymphatic system – lungs – liver – blood – kidneys – bowels All of these work together to keep the body functioning at its best! Bowel regularity being of utmost importance. Today, it’s near impossible to avoid toxins.

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Inflammation & the GI Tract

One of the most common GI symptoms many people struggle with is inflammation. Inflammation in the GI tract can cause problems with motility, constipation, diarrhea, and bloating. Lifestyle changes can help fight inflammatory responses, but also incorporating the right supplement into your daily routine can help tremendously.  GI Assist contains the perfect blend to help

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