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Peak O2 Mushrooms in Vitality PreWorkout

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Peak O2 Mushrooms, included in Protea PreWorkout, is a blend of specifically chosen mushrooms. 

These aren’t just any type of mushrooms, and they aren’t those psychedelic ones either, this blend of mushrooms contains 6 different strains that you may have heard of. They include shiitake, cordyceps, reishi, turkey tail, king trumpet, and Lion’s mane. All 6 mushroom strains have been shown to help increase endurance performance, specifically these 5 factors below. 

  1. Improve VO2 Max (the maximum amount of O2 your body is using per minute)
  2. Increase time to exhaustion
  3. Enhance power output
  4. Improve work out capacity
  5. Improve ventilatory threshold 

In 2013, Peak 02 had the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill conduct a double-blind study to see if this blend of mushroom had any impact on VO2 max, time exhaustion, and power output. 

They took a group of 28 individuals and split them into two groups. One group was given Peak 02 for a week and the other group was given a placed of maltodextrin over the course of three weeks. 

After week one, the study didn’t show very much of a difference between the two groups, however the group that received Peak O2 did improve time to exhaustion by around 30 seconds. 

For the next two weeks the two groups continued to supplement with both Peak O2 or the placebo before being tested again. This time the finding much greater! Not only did the Peak O2 group improve time exhaustion tremendously by 70 seconds, but VO2 max increased by 5 millimeters per kilogram minute, and power output increased by 17.6%! 

What research found was that yes, Peak O2 can improve endurance performance,  but it will have the greatest effect when it is loaded over the course of three weeks or more. 

Included in Protea’s PreWorkout is a blend of all 6 mushrooms to help improve endurance throughout every workout and athletic performance!

Vitality Pre-workout Coming Soon to our product lineup!

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