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Pregnancy & Nursing: Which protea products are safe?

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The most common question we receive is, understandably, “Which products can we use while pregnant and nursing?” We want to provide transparent and reliable information for our customers in answering this complex question. 

It’s important to first and foremost understand that every single person has different needs based on numerous factors. From health history, to goals, to current concerns, and possible unknown contraindications based on their current health plan. It’s logistically, and legally, impossible for us to responsibly give broad answers, but especially so for specific guidelines. Only your personal trusted health care provider can give you all the details you need to be aware of in order to make the best choices for you. 

It’s reasonable to want easy answers, especially when information can be confusing. One source says one thing, while another says something different. And the reasons behind that confusion are vast, unfortunately. But we do want to help you make informed choices while still knowing that your health and the health of your baby is an individual process that requires your own due diligence.

Our products are based on recommendations and research performed on healthy individuals who are neither pregnant nor nursing. It’s unethical to test many products and ingredients on pregnant and nursing women due to years of data that show potential or definite harm when the wrong choices are made. What we can provide is suggestions only based on the limited information that is currently available. Supplements are not regulated by the FDA, but limitations on what supplement companies can say are firm. We don’t want to ever unintentionally misdirect anyone in their health choices. So always make sure that your choices are well-informed and guided by care providers licensed to direct you. 


[pregnancy/nursing safe in most cases for healthy individuals, so check with your doctor first]

Our prenatal blend, Nourish+, is a delicious powder so that you don’t have to swallow one more pill in your routine. We’ve used a clean, balanced and natural blend of vitamins, minerals, and natural foods to create Nourish+. We’ve added ginger for its antioxidant value as well as its powerful abilities in countering nausea and gas. We’ve also been careful to use the natural form of folate as opposed to folic acid to protect your developing baby with the easiest absorption of nutrients possible. Nourish+ can also be used when trying to conceive and preparing your body to be as healthy as possible for your future baby. 

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[Important to be mindful of health history and personal needs, only introduce with doctor approval]

One of our newest products, Revive+, is intended to target support for broad immune health function as well as decreasing inflammatory response. Beyond improving T cell function, the herbal ingredients in Revive+ support detoxification, improved energy, brain health, and boost recovery.

Due to lack of research for pregnant and nursing women, we cannot generally recommend using Revive+. But a modified dose may be approved by your doctor in some situations. If you are looking for other immune support options, Vibrant+, GI Assist, Vegan Aminos+ and/or VePRO may be the next best direction for you.

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[pregnancy/nursing safe in most cases for healthy individuals, so check with your doctor first]

Beyond a reds and greens blend, we’ve included digestive enzymes, and probiotics in Vibrant+ for a well-rounded supplemental support for your diet. Especially when hunger can be low during pregnancy, nutrition quality can often suffer. Antioxidants are crucial for egg quality and development. So by including Vibrant+, many of our customers notice both feeling healthier as well as improved digestive health when normally they would be fighting bloating and feelings of sluggishness. You won’t find common irritants in Vibrant+ such as inulin, sucralose, maltodextrin or xylitol. 

Though Vibrant+ isn’t a substitute for the necessary inclusion of whole foods and fiber in your diet, it will assist you in giving your body the variety of nutrients you need even when eating enough is challenging. This is especially important in supporting immune system health at all stages of development and pregnancy preparation. 

For nursing moms, it’s important to watch for any signs of sensitivity from your baby when using this supplement. Some babies may have more delicate digestive systems, so work closely with your health care provider. 

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[pregnancy/nursing safe in most cases for healthy individuals, so check with your doctor first]

One of our most common questions is whether or not Vitality+ can be used while pregnant or breastfeeding. The primary concern being because of specific limitations on how much caffeine is safe to consume at this time. The general rule is to limit consumption to 200mg per day, though more or less may be suggested for some individuals. This precaution is intended to help your baby grow as healthily as possible without negative consequences associated with high levels of caffeine. As a portion of the caffeine you consume will pass both to your baby while in utero as well as through breastmilk, therefore it’s important to be mindful of how much is introduced to their little body. So we have limited the caffeine in Vitality+ to be about 100mg per serving.

The caffeine in Vitality+ is naturally sourced from green tea and coffee beans, as opposed to so many synthetic sources of energy and focus often found in many other pre-workout supplements. These sources can lead to so much discomfort for many people including jitters and a rapid energy rise with sudden crash. 

Our focus for Vitality+ is clean energy and improved focus and performance within your workout. But it’s also safe to be used at any other time of day if a boost is needed. 

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[pregnancy/nursing safe in most cases for healthy individuals, so check with your doctor first]

A common concern for women while pregnant and nursing is muscle cramping. While there are many reasons why this can happen, one is electrolyte balance. Vegan Aminos+ is more than just a BCAA supplement. It’s formulated with a blend of electrolytes such as potassium, sodium and magnesium to help prevent muscle cramping as well as maintaining proper muscle repair and function. 

Our amino blend also contains support for natural collagen production within your body rather than sourcing it from animals and other non-vegan by-products. 

One of the many immune-boosting ingredients in our Vegan Aminos+ is elderberry. One concern that should be noted is that it’s important to know that though elderberry is that it isn’t tested on pregnant women, so no safe intake amount has been established scientifically. But most of the concern is the raw form of the fruit, which isn’t found in Vegan Aminos+. To be extra safe though, some women may choose to opt for our Peach Tea flavor after speaking with their doctor. 

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[pregnancy/nursing safe in most cases for healthy individuals, so check with your doctor first]

Food aversion during pregnancy often leaves women consuming an insufficient amount of protein on a daily basis. This further extends into a habit of under-eating when busy mom life takes over. Supplementing with a clean protein powder that is easy to digest and high in nutrient availability is therefore easier for maintaining a healthy body and healthy nutrition habits. VePRO is entirely vegan and includes a high dose of vitamins, amino acids, and greens for well-rounded nutrients while supporting your protein needs. 

VePRO contains no artificial colors, fillers, additives, preservatives, or sneaky ingredients that may be harmful to the health of you or your baby. In fact, prioritizing high quality nutrition assists in healthy birthweight and longterm health of your child. As your child grows, they’ll love having a small amount of VePRO incorporated into their own smoothies!

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[Important to be mindful of health history and personal needs, only introduce with doctor approval]

Many women suffer from gut dis-regulation during pregnancy. GI Assist is formulated to improve toxin elimination and calming gut disruption in a gentle and natural way. Our customers notice improvement in sleep, digestion, bloating, and motility. GI Assist also contains L-Glutamine which improves the health of gut lining which can be compromised in common cases of leaky gut and poor immune health. 

The major reason why we still suggest caution is because this product contains licorice root, which when using consistently can be problematic while pregnant. So please be aware of the risk factors associated with use of licorice root while pregnant, as high frequency use when studied have pointed to potential health concerns for mother and fetus. But risk factors greatly reduce when nursing.

Some women may need to be more cautious with how often they use GI Assist, and therefore decide to use it only when necessary. However, we have had many customers feel their best when more frequently incorporating GI Assist while pregnant. Allow your doctor to help you determine what is best for you.

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[Important to be mindful of health history and personal needs, only introduce or discontinue with doctor approval]

As noted above, research for supplements on pregnant and lactating women is necessarily limited. Though we support the pursuit of optimal health through the most natural methods available, cautions are especially important while pregnant as knowledge of impact on the fetus is of utmost priority. Balancing stress, anxiety and general mental health is our primary goal for Stress Defy. Assisting primarily in adrenal gland health and cortisol regulation. It’s very normal for stress levels to increase for many women during pregnancy. And though we stand behind the ingredients chosen, it must remain under the direction of your health care provider for when you should and shouldn’t use Stress Defy

It may be best for most women to wait until they are nursing to start to use Stress Defy. It’s again important to be aware of all supplements used while breastfeeding, but most health professionals agree that the herb blend in Stress Defy has negligible transfer into breast milk. However, concrete testing isn’t available. 

Both Stress Defy and Baseline+ has been noted by many of our customers to assist in maintaining or even improving milk supply.

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[Important to be mindful of health history and personal needs, only introduce or discontinue with doctor approval]

Baseline+ is designed to support female reproductive health, assisting in the natural regulation of progesterone and estrogen which in turn positively impact all your other hormones. Especially in reducing symptoms of PMS/PMDD, and supporting a healthy foundation within the body for easier conception when the time is right for you. Additional benefits are seen in supporting blood sugar and weight management, healthy complexion, and improved energy.

 The primary concern with Baseline+ in preparation for a healthy pregnancy is the support for healthy progesterone levels. 

After ovulation, progesterone levels will rise and stay elevated if conception occurs. These levels are vital for strengthening the lining of the uterus during implantation, as well as supporting full development of the fetus through pregnancy. 
In general cases for healthy women, we recommend cessation of Baseline+ once they have a positive pregnancy test. But there are underlying factors for many women which would indicate that doing so wouldn’t be a good idea. Especially for women with low progesterone levels to begin with, Baseline+ may be actually keeping their body more supported in pregnancy. In these cases, risk of miscarriage is elevated if progesterone levels are depressed. But the only way to know for sure is via proper hormone testing through your doctor. 

While nursing, many women choose to use Baseline+ because it may assist in cycle regularity which has been suppressed due to high prolactin levels. Reintroduction and dosage of Baseline+ for this time must come from the guidance of your doctor. 

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Protea Nutrition Age Defy

Age Defy

Age Defy is our natural and clean answer for hair, skin, and nail concerns. Age Defy is one of our many products that is formulated to improve signs of aging for both men and women. Beta Sitosterol has been linked to improving male pattern baldness. Nettle leaf extract and L-Cysteine Hydrochloride has been shown to improve hair growth and regeneration which are common concerns after illness and postpartum for many women. (Pregnancy/nursing safe in most cases for healthy individuals, check with your doctor first.)

Learn more here.

Protea Nutrition Opti-Thyroid+


Metabolic support is a common concern for many people, especially when understanding how easily thyroid health is impacted by poor diet, chronic stress, poor health, and major life change. Opti-Thyroid is designed to support those who are experiencing low-functioning thyroid (hypothyroid) and aid in improving function through all natural sources. Guggul Extract may even assist in counteracting thyroid health suppression in otherwise healthy individuals. 

When considering thyroid supplementation during pregnancy and nursing, it’s important to be diligent with cautionary concerns. The research available at this time isn’t extensive enough to endorse use of Opti-Thyroid during pregnancy, therefore we do not recommend doing so. But limited dosage may be approved by your PCP when nursing. 

(Important to be mindful of health history and personal needs, only introduce with doctor approval.)

Learn more here.


One major concern for the postpartum mom is hormone regulation and getting back to feeling like yourself again. While your body is working hard to take care of you and your new baby, hormone imbalances and stress can leave many women suffering with PPD (Postpartum depression), anxiety, and the impact of accrued chronic fatigue. As with all our recommendations, the first step is to work closely with your trusted health care provider on making the best choice for your situation. Many women strive to be as natural as possible with their approach to caring for their health, especially while nursing. 

If you’re looking for support in this goal, we would have you consider using Stress Defy and Baseline+, either individually or in conjunction to help improve that sense of balance. 

Stress Defy will help manage anxiety and that sensitive stress response that many women experience after delivery. The adaptogenic herbs within Stress Defy will assist in regulating mood without feeling numb or disconnected. And this may be all some women need, especially if their body doesn’t give them cues that hormone balance is as much of a concern. 
For women needing more hormonal support, estrogen and progesterone imbalance after delivering may make more of a dramatic impact on mental and emotional health. And so Baseline+ would be our suggestion to add in when you and your doctor feel it is the right time for you. 

Many of our customers have written in and said these two products especially have been vital in them regaining their mental clarity and feelings of natural wellness after experiencing PPD symptoms. 

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